Copa Mundial y comida deliciosa

World Cup!! I love the World Cup. I love soccer. It’s a beautiful game. And there are beautiful men who play soccer. Lots of them. Like Graham Zusi, for example. He had a beautiful assist in the US vs. Ghana game. There is so much emotion and passion – it’s inspiring to watch. Especially guys like Clint Dempsey who get kicked in the face and continue to be awesome. What a beast. And all the soccer fans come out to cheer – I have been watching the games at local bars because it is so much more fun to cheer with 50 of your new closest friends. The soccer community is an eclectic and enthusiastic group and I love it.

To challenge my cooking skills, I have been trying out a variety of ethnic foods – Father’s Day was Asian-inspired. I made a beef, broccoli, and pepper stirfry that turned out well, an eggplant dish that turned out well, and egg drop soup that did not turn out so great. It tasted good… but eggs are not supposed to be clumpy. They are supposed to be more noodle-y. Whatever. Two out of three ain’t bad. Plus I learned something about egg drop soup.

Both of those things considered, I am making foods from the countries represented in the World Cup! I wanted to try to make food from a country on the day of their match, but my cooking experiment days don’t always line up nicely.

This week’s theme: Espana! On the menu: gazpacho, paella, and flan.

Seafood is also quite popular in Spain, as is chorizo… hence, chorizo and seafood paella. Mmmmmm. I would have loved to throw in things like mussels, clams, squid, etc. but my family is not quite that adventurous yet and I am not super comfortable cooking meat in a shell. So shrimp, chicken, and chorizo it is.

I found a super easy recipe for paella and it turned out delicious! I didn’t use saffron because it is so stinking expensive and I don’t care that much. I also cooked the meat early and let it simmer in the pan with the rice to incorporate some flavor. Delish. I usually gauge my success by how many lunches my dad makes with the leftovers. This was a 3 lunch meal. Outstanding! I was planning on making a more elaborate dinner, but I ran 16 miles and it hurt and I was tired so I decided to keep it simple. So maybe I will try gazpacho and flan another time.

I did quite a bit of cooking this weekend and it all turned out quite well – pico de gallo (recipe in progress), sweet potato brownies from (these got rave reviews!!), and paleo chicken marbella from Elana’s Pantry, which also turned out gloriously!

Mmmmmm. Paella on the left, chicken marbella on the right. The brownies disappeared too fast for pictures!

photo 2 (2)

photo 1 (2)


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