It’s Hatch season!! And Green Chile Chicken Pizza

It’s hatch chile season!!! I decided that this is the second best foodie season. Pumpkin season is the best. And that is just around the corner! I keep seeing pictures of people with Pumpkin Spice Lattes all over Facebook and I cannot wait until my house smells of roasted pumpkins. Right now it just smells like burnt peppers and my fingers are burning from peeling and seeding peppers. And then I made the terrible mistake of rubbing my eyes… Fail.

I picked up a bunch of these little gems from my local farmers market and my local Sprouts. And when I say “a bunch”, I mean 10 pounds. Because I want to have enough for the year. Because roasted hatch chiles are delicious. They go with everything. There is really no savory dish that they don’t work well with. If you can do cheese, the cheddar-green chile combo is killer. Please just eat good cheese, like the kind that comes from grass-fed cows and isn’t full of hormones and gross stuff.

My agenda for all my chiles:

Green chile bacon burgers

Make green chile sauce and freeze it

Chop peppers and store them in the freezer

Green chile and chicken enchiladas

Green chile guacamole

Green chile beef jerky – this was sooooo good!

Aaaaaaand this gem of a recipe:

Green Chile Chicken Pizza (gluten free, grain free option, dairy free option, vegan option)

Your favorite gluten and/or grain-free pizza crust (I’m using this one)

Hatch chiles, roasted (how to roast them at home)

Green Chile Sauce – I like 505 brand (it’s gluten free) or you can make it at home using this recipe. Just substitute rice flour/ arrowroot for the flour

Favorite pizza toppings – for this recipe, I’m using

  • shredded chicken breast
  • onions
  • bell pepper
  • vegan cream cheese (I use Daiya- it’s soy-free)
  • vegan cheddar cheese (Daiya)


1. Make your pizza crust

2. Make your green chile sauce. Or buy your green chile sauce – 505 brand is the only one I have found that is gluten free. I modified the recipe I linked to and made it spicy with roasted hatch chiles, serranos, jalapenos, Anaheim chiles, and a green bell pepper.

3. Mix the green chile sauce and softened cream cheese. I used about 1 cup of sauce to 4 oz of cheese, but you can play with the consistency.

4. Slather on your pizza

5. Throw all your toppings on and return to the oven for about 15 minutes, or until the cheese is melted.

6. Devour. Which is exactly what happened in this case… and that is why there is no picture to go along with this recipe yet!


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