Why you aren’t reaching your goals

How are those New Year’s Resolutions going? It is actually amazing how many of them fall through before we reach the end of January.

Why do we fail to meet our goals?

1. Too general.
So many people resolve to “get healthy” in the New Year or “get in shape”. But how do you quantify those things? What is your definition of “healthy” or “in shape”? I have been complaining about being “out of shape” when I really mean that I’m not in marathon shape and I am actually reasonably fit. It’s all subjective. What do you want to do? Lose 5 pounds? Get rid of some belly fat? Run a 5k without stopping? The more specific and measurable, the easier it will be to track progress towards your goal and actually reach it.

2. Poor Planning
Now that you have determined your goal, your next step is to figure out how you are going to get there. Sometimes this means meal planning or developing a training schedule. Maybe it means calling in an expert to help you map out your path to your goal.

3. Unrealistic expectations
Is your goal physically attainable? Is your goal attainable for you? Everyone is different. I once went on a crazy quest to get to my “goal weight” and when I got there, I was sick and unhealthy. Sometimes a goal is feasible, but it doesn’t necessarily work with your schedule or your timeline. It’s crucial to be realistic.

4. Prioritization
Life gets busy. How are you going to make sure that you have time to work towards your goals? I recommend scheduling it in like any other appointment. Do it first thing in the morning. Making time to chase your dream is critical for actually attaining it.

5. Lack of Accountability
You can’t dream big on your own. You need people to keep you encouraged and on track. There will come a point where you will lose steam. You need to make sure you have a “safety net” to fall back on, whether that is a friend, a training partner, a coach, or a family member.

6. What is your big “WHY”?
Why did you start chasing this dream in the first place? What inspired you? When you want to quit, remember why you started.

And remember, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. Dream big! It’s scary, but so worth it!


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