A change of pace

When I first made this blog, I had hoped that it would be a great place to share my love of food and occasionally share some training shenanigans. I was in love with the idea of being a food blogger and wanted to create my own recipes and take beautiful pictures of my creations and share them. As it turns out, recipe development takes time. And ingredients can get expensive.

It turns out grad school is not conducive to extra time or money. I am also learning that perhaps I do not actually want to be a food blogger as much as I just want to talk about food and running and Crossfit and share pictures of our husky doing yoga. Or his version of yoga. Now that school is over, I have a bit of extra time and am going to explore this idea of “having a hobby”.

As this was a “food and recipe blog”, the things that I have been busy doing (literally running all over the city) were less relevant. This blog has sat quiet because I confined it to a very specific box. All the blog advice I’ve read suggests that you should identify your audience and your voice and stick to one thing. So I didn’t write because I didn’t have anything that “fit”.

I’ve decided that my mantra for 2016 is “no f#cks given”. So I’m going to stay true to that and write about whatever I want. Audience or no.

So if you decide to read about my shenanigans, you will get to hear about all my running adventures as I prepare for the Boston Marathon (in 5 weeks!!!!!), my adventures in Crossfit, and whatever other random things I decide to do. I’ll try to share the things I’m cooking – somehow I manage to feed myself and my boyfriend in addition to marathon training and working full-time and I’m sure the 7521 slow cooker recipes I have might help out other busy people who like to eat good food.

Stay tuned. Or don’t. I’m excited to knock the dust off of here either way.


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